Technology Innovations Showcase

The FCSI EF Technology Innovations Showcase is a platform to display products and services offered by our sponsors. The FCSI EF showcases these products and services to further develop and deliver educational information, programs, and evolving technologies within the food service industry. The FCSI EF neither warrants nor endorses the claims, representations, or descriptions of any of the featured products or services, in accordance with our Code of Ethics. Customers who decide to engage with businesses selling these products and services do so at their own discretion.

Featured Hospitality & Foodservice Products

  • 44-PRO VHR High-Temperature Rack Conveyor Dishwashing Machines- 44-PRO VHR - High-Temperature Rack Conveyor Dishwashing Machines with Progressive Drive System and HMI Prodigy Controller The 44 PRO Series high temperature rack conveyor dish… Learn More
  • B-5125-12-CRBJ Pre-Rinse Unit- The latest pre-rinse unit design from T&S Brass brings a sleek, modern look and even more efficient operation to the kitchen mainstay with the B-5125-12-CRBJ.… Learn More
  • B-7143-05 Hose Reel- This high-capacity hose reel from T&S Brass is ideal for heavy-duty cleaning and other applications where more water is needed. The 1/2” hose is 50… Learn More
  • Baxter Versa Oven- Baxter’s VersaOven™ is a new type of oven. This versatile oven combines the best features of several speciality ovens into a single replacement; saving a… Learn More
  • Companion Cart Portable Cleaning System- Stoelting’s Companion Cart Portable Cleaning System is a self-contained cleaning system for frozen treat equipment. The cart comes in three styles and varies based on… Learn More
  • Customized Corporate Stores- Our customized online ordering system provides a central hub from which secure access is given to your materials. It allows for distribution, customization and implementation… Learn More
  • Drop-In Modular/Ganged Dry Heated Well- The Drop-In Modular/Ganged Dry Heated Well from Hatco is an insulated full-sized well, grouped together in a modular fashion, to keep hot foods at more… Learn More
  • EC-3105 Sensor Faucet- A new series of sensor faucets from T&S Brass simplifies retrofitting with a design that accommodates 4” center-to-center, wall-mount installations. The unique mounting hardware of… Learn More
  • Heated Shelf Merchandisers- Improve store profits by showcasing your grab-and-go meals in a quality Alto-Shaam heated shelf merchandisers provide precise, even heating for the highest quality food and… Learn More
  • Hobart Advansys CLeN Conveyor-Type Dishwasher- Built to handle as few as 5,000 dishes an hour or 200,000 dishes in 24 hours, the Advansys CLeN combines Hobart’s Energy Recovery technology with… Learn More
  • Intelligent Heated Display Cabinet with Humidity- The Hatco Intelligent Heated Display Cabinet with Humidity regulates air temperature and simultaneously balances humidity levels to provide the best environment for holding pizzas and… Learn More
  • Jackson’s DishStar HT-E-SEER- Jackson's DishStar HT-E-SEER is the latest addition to their line of undercounter dishmachines. This model provides exceptional cleaning performance and high-temperature sanitizing while consuming only… Learn More
  • Let’s Cook Cloud Solution- Danish combi oven manufacturer HOUNÖ is a finalist for the Best New Hospitality Equipment Product Award at Fine Foods 2017 for their Let’s Cook Cloud… Learn More
  • Modular Induction Dry Well- Vollrath’s Modular Induction Dry Well Drop-Ins use induction technology to deliver superior hot food holding and precise temperature control in a waterless well. Offering unmatched… Learn More
  • Rapide Cuisine® Countertop High-Powered/Heavy Duty Induction Range- The Hatco Rapide Cuisine® Countertop High-Powered/Heavy-Duty Induction Range offers back-of-the-house power with heavy gauge stainless steel housing, side impact protection and a scratch-hiding cooktop surface,… Learn More
  • Revel Point of Sale System- A comprehensive restaurant management Point of Sale tool designed to deliver real-time insight into all parts of the operation. It empowers organizations to streamline running… Learn More
  • Rhima Twin Star- Rhima’s Twin Star: Superb results with low running costs Space is at a premium in commercial kitchens and on top of that dishwashing areas can… Learn More
  • Sestra TapWise- TapWise, a smart IoT beverage dispensing solution, integrates with any keg dispensing system to control the pour and deliver sophisticated, real-time data analytics for a… Learn More
  • Shepherd Filters- SHEPHERD FILTERS are a disposable kitchen grease protection filter which capture up to 98% of airborne grease before it enters the kitchen exhaust canopy /… Learn More
  • Thermodyne Model 744HW (Dry Well)- Thermodyne’s 744HW (dry well) series hot food well combines serving line capabilities with a Thermodyne slow cook & hold oven beneath. The 744HW (dry well)… Learn More
  • Touchscreen Controller on Blast Chillers- The largest line of blast chillers and shock freezers is now more versatile than ever with a cabinet redesign and a 7" LCD touchscreen controller.… Learn More
  • Vector® H Series Multi-Cook Ovens- Alto-Shaam has launched the latest version of its Vector® H Series Multi-Cook ovens with a new design, advanced user-friendly interface, and the ability to customize… Learn More
  • Vector™ Series Multi-Cook Oven- Alto-Shaam is introducing an oven innovation in a category by itself - the Vector™ Series Multi-Cook Oven offers up to four ovens in one. Control… Learn More